Treesil P “Higher”


A native of Ghana in West Africa, Singer/Songwriter/Producer Treesil P’s heritage brings an insightful world view to his tempting blend of techno-soul-rap The result is a sound that is at once engaging and hypnotic, crossing both geographic and demographic borders.

As a boy raised by a single mother in one of the poorest villages on the continent of Africa, Treesil P took to the sound of legends like Michael Jackson and Bob Marley to both expand his personal world and to exercise his musical chops as he self-taught himself guitar and began singing and composing. His family’s fortuitous move to New York City when he was just a young teen suddenly put the goals he had set for himself within grasp. Now 20, he has explored the east coast hip-hop scene, all the while holding close to his spiritual upbringing.

The fusion of these worlds is the very foundation of his upcoming debut release, Vibe It Up, a CD that explores love, loss and coming of age in the 21st century. The title cut makes a memorable introduction, blending sensual lyrics with a gyrating rhythm that beckons listeners to the dance floor. “Light Down Low,” is a slow, sexy jam featuring synth-vocals that is R&B radio-ready and seems destined to be a chart-topper.

It is clear upon listening that Treesil P’s life story plays heavily into his lyrics and sensibility. As an artist, he is determined to explore all genres of pop, rock, soul and hip-hop. As a man from Africa who is living his dream of recording and performing music, he is very aware of his responsibility to be a role model to both African and American youth. It is a charge he takes with great pride and dedication.