Juice God 8 “Juice God”

Christopher Jamal Riddick better known as “Juice God 8” is from San Diego, California. He began his journey at age of eleven listening to rapper DMX on his portable CD Walkman and realizing rap was a way to express himself because he was such an introvert.

He was compelled by DMX tone and delivery and wanted to create his own style. He as well became more influenced by 2 Pac, Kanye West, Notorious B.I.G., and Lil Wayne. These influences impacted him so much at 11 years old that he started saving up money from selling candy to buy a mixing setup that included a MacBook, Beat Thang software, an audio box, a gold MXLVC7 microphone with a stand, and big Samsung speakers. This is when he decided to not only write lyrics but produce and compose music. He created a library of almost 500 songs before turning eighteen.

He developed his infamous name while being on a train realizing he wanted something catchy. Inspiration came from the names of OJ “Juice” Simpson and 2 Pac’s movie “Juice”, reverencing God – grateful for the grace to develop his craft, and the #8 representing the universal number of infinity.

He was so passionate about music that he left home after high school to go to American Intercontinental University (AIU) in Atlanta to study audio engineering to hone his craft. He became so radical in his pursuit of rapping that he showed up to the school studio everyday by any means-walking or skateboarding! Through his relentless efforts, 4 mixtapes were completed that included freestyle raps. His style was driven around hype, excitement, and partying. He started doing performances at various Open Mics around the city especially a strip club called Magic City where he met the owner ‘Big Magic’ who mentors him and helped to propel his official career as a rapper, now signed with Alvin and Calvin Waters of The Machine Group.