Mimi Knowles

Currently localizing in the beehive state, Mimi Knowles, is crowned the first heavy hitter in his genre from Utah. This hip hop artist’s music expands much past the state’s stereotypes though. Unafraid to touch topics like religion, race, and relationships, Knowles’ sound is bound to break more than genre barriers, but crush the charts as well. Knowles says of himself, “I don’t want to live in a world where my music is defined by genre. I just want people to hear my stuff and say that’s a killer song.”

While truly originating from Maine, Mimi’s pop formatted songwriting with a funk and hip hop production has caught the ears of artists such as Andy Grammer, Boyz II Men, Carrie Underwood, T­pain, and Us the Duo, claiming him as their opener.

If it’s a revolution Knowles is looking for, he’s sure to lead the way with his uncaged bars and full horn section.

You can catch Mimi Knowles’ “Something New For A Change” (titled as a movement to revitalize hip hop) everywhere online.