Holly Spears “Sunshine”

Holly has loved music since she was just a little girl growing up in the small town of Wana, West Virginia. She found her voice as a little girl, accompanying her father on Sunday mornings in church choir. As she grew up she began to take her musical talents outside of the church walls, performing in multiple school choirs, musicals, festivals and fairs. To continue feeding the fire Holly’s mother saw in her daughter, she purchased her daughter a piano and scheduled lessons with a local instructor. Holly loved the sound and the feel of the keys under her fingers. She soaked up what her instructor was teaching her but eventually found herself feeling caged in, trapped. She wanted to be free to move, free to dance, free to express the music. It was right about this time when she saw a Melissa Etheridge television special and immediately knew what she wanted, what she needed. After hours of begging her mother and a spotting in the classifieds by her mom, Holly got the first love of her life, her first guitar. Little did she know that that the seemingly insignificant purchase of her twenty five dollar garage sale special would set the stage for a whirlwind of new life experiences coming her way.

After graduating from high school, Holly moved to Cincinnati, began touring with Blessid Union, and opening for bands like The Spin Doctors, Gin Blossoms, Roger McGuinn (the Byrds) and the like, while persuing a degree in Audio-Video Production at Southern Ohio College (now Brown Mackie). Despite no label and very little promotional help, Holly found her music being shared on multiple MTV, MTV2, and VH1 shows and multiple radio and local tv stations.

Taking the next step in her music career, Holly moved to Nashville, raised the capital to start her own record label (Girl on a Mission Music, LLC), has put out a Christmas EP called “The Songs of Christmas,” a full-length album called “Heartache to Hope,” a Gospel EP called “Audience of One” and a single of the John Denver song, “Country Roads.” 5 of Holly’s songs can be found in the newly out on DVD Christian movie with Erik Estrada called Virtuous. You will also hear her music and see Holly’s first Cameo Acting appearance in the Christian film called One Church (Starring Jessica Lynch). You will also find Miss Spears’s first lead Acting Role in the Christian Cowboy movie called Nail 32 along with her newer music (a fuse of country and folk). Brad Johnson (the pilot in the Left Behind Series) plays Holly’s movie dad in this film. Her music videos are filling up You Tube, were featured on the UP Channel as well as promoted around the world

Holly Spears loved and looked up to her grandpa (“Pap”). He taught her about Jesus, about being silly, and enjoying life. This video is a tribute to him. She hopes it reasonates with everyone’s heart and helps them to remember their grandpa’s well! Thank you to Farm Haven in Union, KY and Steppin’ Hi Stables in Walton, KY for allowing her to film in their beautiful locations! Also, as HUGE THANK YOU to Katlin Bennett for being a great Horse Trainer and helping with Pretty Girl as well as True Artist Studios for capturing the vision Holly had for this video. THANK YOU for your time and talents! THANK YOU to the Johnson Family for allowing us to borrow your beautiful daughter, Casey, to be Holly as a little girl. THANK YOU to the nice man in KY that filled in to be the grandpa at the last minute 😀

You can find “Sunshine” on the Holly Spears CD called “Boots and Bling” on iTunes

or www.hollyspears.com

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