Newsboys – Crazy

If you were to draw up a blueprint for a successful music career, the final plans couldn’t help but resemble Newsboys’ trajectory. They’ve defined Christian music for more than two decades, only to blow up expectations as they’ve recreated themselves again and again. Impossible to pin down, these musical shapeshifters move fluidly between rock and pop, worship and dance, to the delight of their legion of fans. Their live shows exhibit a kind of energy that, if it could be bottled, would power entire cities.

For inspiration for their latest musical endeavor, they looked around at the good that’s already being done, people who are shining examples of love both in their own backyard and around the world. The album celebrates those selfless acts, while also aiming to inspire the Church to refocus on this cornerstone of our faith.

“We don’t know what slow down means,” Tait insists, adding, “We can rest when we get to heaven.”

More than two decades in, Newsboys are hungrier than ever before, and they’re just getting started. They’re men on a mission. The goal? To change the world.

Let the Love Riot begin!