Bitter’s Kiss “Love Won’t Make You Cry”

Bitter’s Kiss is the current project for New Jersey singer/songwriter Chloe Baker.
Chloe has garnered international attention for her emotional delivery of poignant songs that deal with complex subjects such as love, religion, suicide and growing up in today’s world.  Influenced by female singer/songwriters from Carole King to Sarah McLachlan, Chloe has garnered critical acclaim for her unique voice and songwriting abilities.  To date, she has performed on stages in L.A., New York and London and been heard internationally on AAA radio. After launching her career almost a year ago, Bitter’s Kiss has already harnessed more than 770,000 plays on SoundCloud, 75,000 likes and Facebook and over 15,000 followers on Twitter.  She has a growing YouTube audience and has chosen to focus on creating content for her own musical releases. Love Won’t Make You Cry is arguably Chloe’s signature song and is her attempt to define love by all the things that it shouldn’t be.