Everpresent “Hypnotic”

In 2015, Everpresent has begun the production of a new 6-song EP, “Omega Point”. This EP brings the return of original producer and master engineer, Steve Catizone (who started with Everpresent back in 2002), and also continued work with producer/engineer Ryan Hinkle. Matthew has brought on the new pop/soul backing vocalist, Camila Alves onboard for this exciting, dance/pop electro collection of 4 all new tracks and 2 remixes of these new songs. The new sound taking shape is bright, funky, mystical, and designed to get people moving on the dance-floor, while still promoting self-reflection, but in a more optimisitc and sensual way. Omega Point will be released worldwide with international radio and video campaigns on a massive scale on October 15th, 2015.

Everpresent’s compositions have appeared as soundtrack music on MTV, the Science Channel, TLC, and the Discovery Channel for various programs. Songs have also been played by DJs in 9 countries on AM, FM, Satellite, and Internet Radio. The group has also opened for Metropolis Records artist, Ego Likeness and Digital Bear Entertainment artist, Vishno. Matthew Cahoon has also toured nationally as a backing musician (on vocals, keyboards, and drums) for multiple artists and is an active voting member for the Grammys (NARAS).

Everpresent has recently won 3 Akademia Awards (2015):

Best music video for “In My Veins”
Best dance/pop rock song: “Window”
Best dance/pop song: “Haunt Me”

The track “Mine” is featured on the darkTunes German compilation, “Gothic Music Orgy Vol. 1” distributed in several countries throughout Europe.

For more Info – check out http://www.everpresent.org