Hefe Wine “Heaven” ft Mike Reeves

There’s not another entertainer living or dead whose rap sheet can match that of Houston, Texas native Hefe Wine. His musical catalogue boasts 17 stunning full-length albums. His faithful fan base of both gospel and secular followers stretches from the United States into South America, France, Germany and Japan. And his strong street credibility can only be rivaled by bad buy, bulletproof personas portrayed in big-budget action flicks.

But this is more than a mere motion picture. This is the real-life resurrection of one of the best Southern rappers to ever spit on a microphone. Five summers away from the game, the triple-OG rapper returns to lay it all on the lines with the Fall release of his long-awaited eighteenth solo album Solomon.

Accompanying the single is the equally explosive, documentary-styled biographic music video. Directed by music video maverick Mr. Boomtown and written by Hefe, the video was shot on the sunny shores of Miami and features Colombian model and actress Angelica Betancourt, who was flown from South America for the shoot to bring awareness to cancer. One of her family members has been stricken with the disease.

“With this record, I take you on a roller coaster ride of passion and excitement,” Hefe explains. “A girl doesn’t know whether to cry in your arms or take off your clothes and sex you down. It’s that powerful.”


Without question, Hefe Wine knows how to create a hit record. Formerly known as Wine-O, he has been making them since releasing his debut album Bloody 5th in 1996 and igniting a musical career that most rappers could only dream of. But even though he has enjoyed worldwide fame and acquired major label deals with powerhouses EMI and Universal Records, life wasn’t always so rewarding for the big boss.

Wine’s last installment was his 2010 self-titled album. Now after a five-year hiatus, he returns with sex-soaked lead single “Heaven” and long-awaited album Solomon. On the album, Wine balances his Houston homegrown funk with spicy tinges of Latin American flavor. After the album’s release, Wine is releasing a Spanish version entitled Solominto.

“I’ve grown to be influenced by Latin culture and grown to passionately love Latin culture,” admits Wine, who is the father of two Latino sons—one mixed from a Colombian mother and the other from a Puerto Rican mother. “I want to leave something for my boys that’s not talking about violence, drugs and disrespecting women. I want to leave them something that reflects all sides of their heritage with a positive image.

He continues, “I’m still a gangster but I’m more sophisticated. I promote love, good health and helping people. But if I don’t have any other choice, I’m still a gangster.”