Mercury & The Architects

Inspired by the music of TJ Mercury, Mercury & The Architects preaches a
philosophy that hope, true expression, and inspiration flowing through the
subconscious can be represented through ANY form of art. The realization
of who they are, who they are meant to be, and who they have always
been, allowed them to share with each other an enlightenment of their own.
They decided to be the architects of their own lives, building their lives
through expression; Hoping to show the world that through every creative
endeavor, we are all architects; creating, designing, and building our own
fate using the blueprints we have drafted throughout the course of our lives.

At early childhood, TJ Mercury played piano, guitar and wrote very deep
and compelling poems. He was accepted into the esteemed LaGuardia
High School for Music and the Performing Arts for classical guitar. In spite
of this accomplishment, TJ had other plans and opted out. Instead he went
to Staten Island Tech for the opportunity to play football. He played for a
rag tag team that won two city championships with him starting at
quarterback. For his scholastic achievements, he was accepted to Boston
University, Penn State, and Dickinson College. But even with all the
trophies and acceptance letters at his feet, he made a life altering decision
and opted out to follow his dreams. In which after traveling full circle, was
his music. He has been writing songs since the age of 12. Deep songs that
form a new perspective on something old, making him seem very much
ahead of his time. After his journey away from his true calling, he has made
the decision to hone his craft and follow his dreams.

He is a leader who inspires people to follow, as he has demonstrated on
the football field and as well as a music artist. Being successful in the
music industry is about passion, ability, talent and relentlessness which are
all attributes in TJ Mercury’s corner.

“I realized that I had an entire collection of writing, and the music was
incredibly alive in me. What I want to share with my songs is intention; too
much of the music today has lost intention. I want to people to start asking:
Why are you making this music? Is it a representation of how you feel as
true expression, or are you just trying to sell records? I hope my music and
what we are doing can change your perspective.”

Mercury was the god of luck, communication and eloquence; the
messenger of the gods. His compelling message is demonstrated through
an upcoming five-song debut EP, Poets & The Beast. The EP is a collection
of songs that meld grit with grace in music and words. Lead single
“Philosophy of Hope” encourages us to accept that change is inevitable
and, through awareness, evolution is possible. “Tonight” offers lyrics both
inspired by and questioning love. The tracks, expertly produced East Coast
Hip Hop with innovation instrumentation, interwoven with earnest melodies
and eloquent powerful, passionate rapping.

The tracks on Mercury and the Architects were mastered at “Engine Room
Studios” by multi-Grammy nominated Mark B. Christensen, highly
regarded for his work with Lady Gaga, the Killers, and Brantley Gilbert.
(Aside from his music career TJ Mercury is also co-founder of “Gelfman
Blueprint”; a highly successful Fin-TechBitcoin company based out of New