Erika Guitron “Nobody”

Ericka Guitron was born on October 1,1992 in Temple City, California and has lived in Southern California her entire life.  At the age of eight, Ericka discovered her ability to sing and began sneaking into her brother’s bedroom while he was gone to play his keyboard and write songs for hours. Although she found her love for music, Ericka had a deep struggle with stage fright which lasted throughout her childhood and teenage years. Finally deciding to confront her fear, Ericka enrolled in performing, singing and music classes at Citrus College. She spent three years there developing as a performer and vocalist, while also posting YouTube covers on the side.

By the end of her three years in the music program, Ericka  completely transformed as a performer, and was also discovered on YouTube by hit producer RedOne. She decided to sign with his label 2101 Records and since then Ericka has been growing as a songwriter, a recording artist, and as a person. She has developed a soulful, edgy and modern sound all her own and has learned much about the music business in the process. Ericka Guitron’s first single, “Nobody”, launches on April 2015.