Kingsland Road “Dirty Dancer”

Kingsland Road landed on the X-Factor, where they captured the hearts of countless fans. Their debut single launched August 10th, 2014.

Kingsland Road were formed by college friends Connor and Josh in 2012 who went on to find the rest of the boys on Youtube. With a huge social media presence, Kingsland Road started gigging all around the country building a huge fan base known as the K-Landers. Since rising to fame on The X Factor last year, the band have gone back to their roots in East London and have been co-writing with the hit makers behind McFly whilst collaborating on their EP with Ollie Green, Lewis Mockler and producer of the moment Cam Blackwood.

The boys have self-penned some high energy, exuberant tracks that fuse Indie Pop with a rocky edge, taking them in a whole new direction for 2014. Set with a new sound and a new look, Kingsland Road released their first single “Dirty Dancer” on a 4 track EP, with their debut album set for early Jan 2015. The lads will be supporting the release with a tour of America in 2015.

“Dirty Dancer”