While the band is new, the sound is familiar. Australian band Mattersphere has a rocking sound that could be compared to KISS, AC/DC, Dio, Black Sabbath or Def Leppard. Now, with the recent release of its self-titled debut album – and in characteristic heavy metal style – the band is thundering into the heavy rock and metal scene, taking no prisoners along the way. Mattersphere was born in 2009 when vocalist Eddie Deakin – who had successfully played in various cover bands across Australia since his late teens – finally decided that singing others’ material was somewhat soul-destroying (or, as Eddie quite straightforwardly puts it: “I just couldn’t bear doing covers any longer!”) and opted to follow his passion of song writing and playing original music. The concept of Mattersphere came to Eddie quite readily, with a clear musical direction and goal to ignore today’s formulaic music and produce a more passionate, emotive array of songs demonstrating unstoppable power, strength, and feeling. After several recordings and line – up changes within the group, Rob Catanzariti, a long – time school friend of Eddie’s, joined the band in 2011 and quickly became the second half of the core of what is now Mattersphere. It was apparent from their initial collaborations that they shared the same drive, passion and vision for the band and song writing. They soon began their first music productions and the rest was history. A singer from the start, Eddie’s vocalist inspirations and heroes range from Meatloaf and Freddy Mercury to Jon Bon Jovi. He’s taken their lead and put his own powerful spin on it. After relentless hours of singing over the years in the rough and raw style of rock, Eddie eventually sought formal training with acclaimed Australian jazz and cabaret entertainer and teacher, Gery Scott, and has perfected a more sophisticated clear, clean and powerful vocal style.


Having their music recognized in America and receiving the accolades and commercial success of their rock inspirations around the world is one of the high-reaching goals of Mattersphere. Now, with a solid debut album, the timing could finally be right to propel their rock sound from Down Under to the Worldwide stage, blasting a unique – yet familiar – rock and metal sound that everyone knows and loves. As the band’s Mission Statement declares: “Conquest of the world of Rock and Metal and taking no prisoners on the way!”