MorphiuM are born in 2005 and record their first album in 2008 “La Era de la Decadencia”.

In 2011 MorphiuM signed with de the affiliate of Roadrunner Records in Spain, Kaiowas Records and Global / Mass Records who launched their debut .

Their first Lp was described by the specialized media as one of the best albums of the year recieving an overall mark 9,5 out of 10.

That same year MorphiuM was named by the press best new act of 2011 and started a tour which took them to play at the other end of the world in Europe and America sharing stage with bands like Megadeth, Fear Factory, Overkill, Moonspell, Kataklysm, Destruction, Brujeria, All Shall Perish, Tristania, Dark Funeral…

The band returns from the American continent between January and April of 2012 starting a successful tour through out the Iberian Peninsula, after this the production of their second CD starts “Crónicas de una Muerte Anunciada” which is recorded at the end of July.

Year 2012 ends and the band have already confirmed for 2013 the launching of their second piece of work plus all the corresponding promotional acts and an extense tour in the American continent during May and June where they will be sharing stage with bands like: Anthrax, Motorhead, Suicidal tendencies, In Flames, Six Feet Under, Exodus, Testament, Ill Niño, Suffocation…

The band is actually touring with ¨Crónicas de una Muerte Anunciada¨.

The music of MorphiuM is difficult to catalog since it is created by a wide variety of musical influences which go from the most extreme Metal to the more melodious and melancholic Metal.