HUG Williams

H.U.G stands for (His Undeniable Greatness) and it all comes from his nick name “Huggy” which his mother gave him when he was a baby. H.U.G plans to bring you plenty of shows, mix tapes, and more videos off his upcoming EP Introducing H.U.G. His official website is in the works which will give a complete indie artist arsenal. Born and raised in the Ohio Valley in Bellaire by way of Martins Ferry. He graduated from Bellaire High in Ohio. He graduated College from West Liberty University with a BS degree. H.U.G has always sang, but mostly just for fun. Some of his favorite groups and artists are Earth Wind and Fire, Cameo, Lyfe Jennings, Rkelly, Ne-Yo, The Dream, and Mariah Carey.

Check out the official video for “All Night Long”

HUG Williams: “All Night Long” | directed by Seanie G from Seanie G Productions on Vimeo.

He got serious about music and started writing his own music and trying to perfect his craft around 2006-2007. He is unique because he sings and raps writing both creating his own sound and his own lane in music. H.U.G “I Love all good creative music no matter the genre”. I personally also like the fact that parents of kids of all ages appreciate my music because it is mostly all appropriate for their children to listen to. I try to stay away from all the vulgar lyrics but still strive to be very creative and catchy. #1 Girl and Crush On You were on live mix tapes on a mix tape hosted by DJ Suspence and DJ Bank Roe which has over 100,000 plays! Clique vodka also sponsored my release party for the video along with Hot Rod tattoo in Martins Ferry, Ohio.” In addition to all of these things H.U.G now Promotes and Hosts events at the premier Club and restaurant in the entire “OV” River City Ale Works in downtown Wheeling WV the first friday of every month “First Fridays”!