Alex B

Alex B’s iconic red hair is not the only element that will make you stop and stare at this phenomenal young superstar. His adorable looks, pure talent,and long list of accomplishments are the main ingredients that have attracted his fans, and
will make new ones gravitate towards him. Alex B has a combination of talent, discipline, and drive that his father has used to help mold him to become one of the rarest entertainers
the music industry has seen since Michael Jackson-­‐-­‐ and he is only 15! Alex grew up in a musical family. Sounds of class and culture have been captured over the years by his mother playing the violin. Alex’s older brother is also a singer, and bonds with Alex singing ballads together. His distant cousin, Gary Cherone, made family history as a member of the band, Extreme, best known for their hit, “More Than Words”, (which was released in the late 90’s and charted in the U.S Billboard’s Hot 100).

It is no wonder that Alex started shocking the world performing at as young as 7 years old, and now can play both the piano and guitar. Alex’s parents saw the potential early on, and committed themselves to find the guidance that Alex needed to bring his gift to a professional level. Even though the talent was always there, it wasn’t until Alex started working with his first vocal coach before he knew that he had something that people around the world would want to hear. He has performed in venues around the world including: World Café Live at the Queen in Delaware, The Hard Rock Café in The Dominican Republic and in Florida, and the infamous TLA in Philadelphia, where he saw his name headlined outside for the first time.

He recently received “The Wish Rock Award” from, Philadelphia Weekly Magazine. However, he is still a normal high school student. Therefore, Alex’s mother says that he can only be this awesome, AFTER his homework is finished! Alex B is currently working on his new single entitled, “Still In love”. Excited at the fire of enthusiasm that the song has already created, Alex says the song personifies the feeling of still being in love with a girl that broke his heart. Alex B continues to prove that he is mature for his age, and smiles when inquired about his knowledge and experience with love… it is safe to say that he may know a thing or two about it; at the very least, his love for his family and music.