Kevon Pagis

When you think of the future of hip hop you see Kevon Pagis. Here is an artist who holds his craft dear to his soul. Born October 6, 1990 in Monroe, LA. After growing up listening to NWA, Bone Thugs, Cash Money, 2pac, etc, all Kevon Pagis ever wanted to do was rap. Being the son of a poet and book writer made this passion relatively easy to grow. Transitioning during the years he became heavily influenced with the rock culture. With his role model being Kurt Cobain he sometimes adopts that same concept in the music. For three years the dedicated Kevon Pagis lived in one room and recorded from sun up to sun down pushing to perfect his craft. Shortly after this self imposed isolation he signed his first deal with Thug World Ent/Bungalo Records INC. under a distribution deal with Universal Records. The sound and lyrics he brings along with his perception of life is sure to gather listeners from all over. Soon the future of the hip hop culture will evolve again and Kevon Pagis is going to lead this evolution.

Watch the official video for “Mars”