Love Crushed Velvet

Every now and again you come across a rock band that embodies all that rock and roll is. From the look to the rebellion to the song writing that connects with anything that has a pulse. Love Crushed Velvet is that band. Hailing from New York City, the band brings out a whole new take on the rock scene with intoxicating melodies and deep touching Lyrics. The lead singer and songwriter for Love Crushed Velvet, A.L.X., also currently has the world record for Northern Most live Performance in rock history!

For more info and tour dates check out the bands official website here

In the mean time check out the official video for the acoustic version of the bands single “Bright Summer,” as well as the documentary of A.L.X. breaking the world record.

“Bright Summer”

“North Pole”/A.L.X. breaks world record