About Rive Music Video Promotion

Rive Video Promotion is the nation’s first and leading music video promotion company. With over 25 years of industry experience, we have promoted thousands of music videos from thousands of artists and labels. We have great working relationships with all of the major national video outlets and are even recommended personally by programmers at MTV & BET. Our goal is to maximize the visibility of your artist’s music video on TV and to saturate the video on the internet, driving views to YouTube, and ultimately making artists a household name.

Why Should You Choose Us? 


A music video promotion is much more than simply having a video on YouTube and hoping to get people to click your link. Music fans do not even know your video link exists on YouTube at first, and these fans must be exposed to your new music release. That is what we do with your music video. Our video promotion introduces you to hundreds of programmers and bloggers, and we promote your video to convince the programmers to add your music video into rotation on their playlists, to be seen by large audiences.

This is how you get wide-scale airplay on TV shows Like MTV, Fuse, Music Choice, BET, AxsTV, REVOLT, Much Music Canada, hundreds of regional shows, video pools, hundreds of websites and blogs. It is a coordinated effort to see your video impact on these shows at the same time. This is what introduces your music to a mass audience of potential fans. That is when the audience will react and begin to search you online, to look for your website, social media and official video. Everything grows from there.

As video promoters, it is our job to submit your video master correctly to video shows, pools, and networks. We then follow up with programmers to make sure they watch your video, stress to them why they should air your video, then obtain programmers’ feedback and deliver that to you across multiple PDF reports. Multiplying this effort with over 750 video outlets creates a powerful promotional campaign. All final decisions regarding airplay are made by the programmers and every programmer is different. We’ve helped thousands of artists get their videos on national networks like MTV, BET, FUSE, REVOLT, Music Choice, and dozens of other outlets. Every artist on our website came to us for this service. We’d love to help you as well.

Rive Music Video Promotion acts on the behalf of our artists to increase awareness of their music videos and the artists who create them. As a part of Rive Music Video Promotion and Distribution services, Rive Music Video sends out social media and marketing blasts and professional press releases as part of the many services we provide to our artists when they choose to work with us.


Our Promotion Serves Two Necessary Functions


First, we have to format the video master for broadcast. This means that every master has to first be Closed Captioned, and master copies have to be made in the appropriate tape, disc, or digital format, and shipped to the individual programmer. We use the highest quality stock and most popular closed captioning program to achieve this, preserving the original look and quality of the master, so the video presents pristinely. When shipped, each programmer will receive a package with the video master, all necessary paperwork, subforms, bio, and a Rive Video One-Sheet, describing highlights of the artist’s career, tour dates, press, updates, and notable hype. We send out a press release distributed to thousands of bloggers, websites, and industry contacts including links to download the video, artist bio, highlights, and press photos, everything anyone needs to feature the artist and the video.


After servicing your video masters to the programmers, our promotional service retainer begins. We make weekly calls to each programmer, providing them with updates on the project, and pitching them to program the video for their next show or playlist. We also follow up with our programmers via e-mail blasts with promotional information & downloadable video files for the easiest possible access to your content. Our average promotional campaign runs for approximately 8 weeks, during which we provide the artist/label with weekly tracking reports with all programming details.

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What we Do

Promotion that gets your music video everywhere it needs to be seen!