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In today’s ever changing musical landscape, for an Artist to have a Great Song is only the first step. Music Videos are the best way to advertise a Great Song along with the artist’s overall branding to a visually compelling audience. In the few years that youtube has existed, it’s become one of the first places people will go online to discover new music. Rive Video Promotion will combine Broadcast airplay on networks like MTV, REVOLT, BET, CMT, GAC, and others, with Internet On-Line streaming sites like Vevo, Youtube, Noisey, and hundreds of others, to maximize your songs exposure and ultimately, your fan base.

People See Your Music > People Like Your Music > People Support Your Music.

VEVO: Get on Vevo or start your own Vevo Channel.
Email us directly for instructions on how to start your own Vevo Channel.
Click We’ll send you information on Vevo and our full promotional campaigns, including a full FREE sample list of pver 750 worldwide video outlets.

The broadcast airplay and online interaction we get for your music video, combined with our social campaigns is the buzz that drives views to your website, Facebook, Vevo Channel, Youtube Channel, ITunes, Twitter and more.

A VIDEO goes VIRAL only when huge audiences are exposed to your music and those people share via Twitter and social networks for you to check it out. It is DIGITAL Word-of-mouth, via twitter and social networks. But why did anyone tweet about your video? They had to see it somewhere first. That is what we do for your video, We get your video seen by the huge audiences of MTV, BET, FUSE, Music Choice, REVOLT, Retail and DJ video POOLS, and hundreds of Blogs.

We combine our online social campaigns and REAL NATIONAL TELEVISION AIRPLAY to set the spark that starts the online chatter and hype about your music video.

It is only then that fans know your music exists and search online for more.

We have over 20 years experience promoting music videos to hundreds of Music Video outlets. It is these working relationships with the music programers that help get your videos aired and seen by huge audiences! Every artist on this website hired us to do just that!

As video promoters, we’ll consult with you about the potential for your video, and discuss what we feel are the realistic expectations for airplay for your music video. It is our job to set up and promote your video correctly. We make sure programmers really watch your video, stress that they air and program your video, and get you feedback telling you who and where your videos is being played. Multiplying this effort by over 750 video outlets that we work with across Broadcast Cable Television, On Demand Cable Television, Regional Broadcast Television, Retail Airplay and Online Saturation creates a powerful promotional campaign. Think of us as a Publicist for your Music Video.

Full 8 Week Promotional Campaigns

Our most popular music video promotion campaign is an 8 week, all-inclusive promotion that gets your video serviced to over 750 video outlets, securing maximum airplay and exposure for your music video. You’ll get weekly tracking reports letting your know who and where your video is getting airplay. Please see FULL PROMOTION details below. Many times our full promotions work in tandem with your radio, press, retail, social and touring campaigns. This is the best way to get maximum exposure for your music video.

PRICING: Every song and video is different. We will write you a custom proposal. Call or write for custom proposal. or 732-530-1501.

Just for contacting us, We’ll send you a list of over 750 video outlets for FREE, Just so you know ALL of the places that can play your video.

Individual Servicing to shows like MTV, BET, REVOLT, Music Choice, and many internet sites/blogs.

You can also submit your video to individual Music Video shows. Many artists choose to submit ONLY to MTV, BET, Fuse, Revolt.

We have the best rates in the industry to give you the best return on your investment.
Call or Email us directly for a price quote today!

Let us give your music video the opportunity to get the airplay it deserves. Remember, a video cannot be aired by any program if it is not properly serviced to that music video show. We’ve helped thousand of artists get their videos on MTV and hundreds of other outlets. Every artist on our website came to us for this service. We’d like to help you as well.

Please call or email us with any questions. 908 601 1409 cell, 732 530 1501 OFFICE or write

All music videos are required to be Closed Captioned and formatted for broadcast. Our Closed Captioning service offers the very best pricing you’ll find! This is why MTV refers us so often!

We deliver thousands of videos to MTV every year. We get the MTV programmers all of the hype you provide, teaching the programmers about your music.
Once the programmers review your video, We get you the programming decisions and placement on MTV.

You will not find a better and more cost effective way to get your video serviced to MTV! The airplay we’ve gotten artists has been a total career-changer.
MTV is all about breaking new artists. At very minimum, you should submit your video to MTV.

Complete Instructions on how to submit your music video to MTV and hundreds of other video outlets
Pricing and more!

Feel free to reach out to us for a quote!

Once in an MTV programming meeting, We will get you the programing decisions from the MTV Programmers for your video.
There is no better way to submit your video MTV. This is the best price you’ll find.
MTV has referred us thousands of times. We are very proud of that.

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Rive Video is Professional, Easy, Fast, and the Most Cost Effective way to get your Music Video Closed Captioned and Digitally Delivered to Viacom’s MTV/Vh1

4 Easy steps to make this happen:

1) Get us a LINK to the video master:
OR Drop your Video Master on the Rive Video server

2) Provide the Lyrics as a text file. word.doc or email

3) Provide us with the MTV required writers credits (see below)

4) Provide a valid Credit Card / Paypal / Check for payment.
(We must have Payment to release the video)

Simple! Get us a much HYPE as possible to support your music.

We do everything for you from there!
We will also get the MTV notifications back to you letting you know the programmers decisions to air your video, and when.

Instructions and forms below

More shows, More options!
Additional Shows: Choose which music video shows you want to submit your video.
Custom lists for Indie Rock, Metal, Reggae, EDM, POP, Urban, Rap.

National Music Video Programs: Nothing feels more REAL than seeing YOUR video on REAL TV.
Contact us for best pricing!

MTV/VH1/LogoTV/CMT (All Viacom U.S. networks one price) • Fuse TV • MUCH Music • REVOLT TV
BET • AXS TV • GAC • GMC • Clubbing TV • Music Choice • Music Plus • MTV Canada • Palladia
• ZUUS • The UP Network • Telemundo • MTV Latino • Mtv Tr3S • Any National Program

Music Video POOLS
Video Pools get your video to THOUSANDS of retail stores, Mall stores, Food courts, Target, Macy’s, Footlocker, Levi’s (just to name a few) and thousands Of VJs and DJs, clubs and venues, Gyms, Casinos, Restaurants, The Hard Rock Cafe & Hotel, The Four Seasons and many, many more.

Ask about our Full Service Flat Rate Promotions to over 750 outlets.
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NOTE: The programmers for each show make ALL programming decisions.

You have great songs, You made a great video, Get it seen by millions of people. Get Started Now!

So What do you get? A brief summary of our music video promotion services

OK, so You made a great new video, now ask yourself, Do you think every music programmer knows about your new video? Is YOUR NAME and YOUR SINGLE release on the tip of programmers tongues as are other A-List artists? That is what Rive Video Promotion does for you. Think of us as a Publicist for your music video. Whether you are a new independent artist, or even a known artist dropping a new single, your music video release has to break through the clutter and become known to the programmers and fans, otherwise the single is over before it started. You need every programmer to know who you are every bit as much as they know who Jay Z, Beyonce, Coldplay or Metallica is. Getting your music heard by programmers is what we do for you. Within a week of our servicing your video, EVERY video programmer on our huge list will know who you are. This is invaluable, as you are competing to be on the same play lists as other A-List Artists. It is breaking through on these playlists, getting aired on REAL Television, and being chatted about by real bloggers that sets you apart from ordinary Youtube uploads. The mass exposure you get from being on MTV, BET, REVOLT, Music Choice and hundreds of other music video shows is what will expose your music to millions of fans, and drive those fans to find you on your social networks and websites. When you see your music react on the National and Regional video shows, Video POOLS and internet blogs we promote, you will see increase traffic and views from REAL fans to your internet sites. Remember, a viral video is driven essential by word of mouth. Nothing forces you to click any video link. When you upload a video to YouTube, nobody even knows it’s there. It is that someone vouched for the music video that make a person click a link. People have to hear your music, see your videos, watch you play, read about you in a blog to cause a fan to want MORE from you. Where does that interest and spark come from? The exposure we get your video on REAL video outlets.

Don’t opt for fake views, or sites that want to monetize your video. If you are not keeping ALL of the royalties, you are getting ripped off. Any artist can start their own YouTube Page and monazite the content and keep ALL of the profit. We can assist you in setting up your channel.

Remember, nothing feels more real than being on real television and being talked about by real programmers and bloggers. We give your music that chance to react with the programmers so that they will vouch for your sound, and turn their HUGE audiences on to your music video. Let us have the chance to make this happen for you. Remember ONE view on MTV can be seen by over 100,000 viewers. This massive airplay is what will introduce your music to fans, and drive fans to your Youtube Page, Website, iTunes Page and more.

• Full servicing to attached target list of over 750 video shows, with weekly tracking reports telling you who is playing your video.

We work with huge artists like Armin van Buuren, and ALL of the Armada artists, Spinnin Records, Kobalt Records, Atlantic, Glassnote, Interscope, Coke Boys, Epic, Tooth & Nail, Beggars Group. Megaforce, RED Distribution, The Orchard Distribution, OWSLA,HARD EVENTS, and their artists like Vic Mensa, Hardwell, Basement Jaxx, French Montana, KELE, BOYS NOIZE, Fat Joe, J-lo, Rich Homie Quan, Mick Jenkins, Childish Gambino, Elliphant, Joey Bada$$, Phoenix, The Black Keys, Gramatik, Body Count, Slightly Stoopid, Motorhead, The Black Keys, Ministry and many more. Please visit <> We were the company that first got huge results for thousands of video like those above. Let us give your video that chance of successful airplay.

• When provided with a stereo master of the video, we take care of all the duplication, Closed Captioning, and production needed to get each programmer everything they need to put your video into rotation.

• Each promotional package will include a video master, One-Sheet, Bio and Station Submission Form. Everything the programmer needs to air the video!

• The promotional period is 8 weeks if you choose this option.

• Label/Artist will receive Tracking reports describing all ‘video adds’ to programming play lists, and recurrent airplay that the video is getting at each show, including demographics, reach and market of that video show.

• Tracking Reports are sent via EMAIL in PDF form.

• While we are promoting your video, we will work to set up on-air and phone interviews for the artist.

• We have chosen a select list of programs that we feel are appropriate to be serviced with the new video, including Broadcast and Cable video shows, video on-demand, video pools, and dedicated Internet steaming outlets. (Target List is attached)

• SCOPE: This promotion will include Servicing the National and Regional Broadcast video shows, Internet Video outlets, Video POOLS, and all Video On Demand Cable Outlets, (Full description attached in “Target List” pdf). In other words, total saturation!

• Rive Video Promotion will Close-Caption the music video. (Videos have to be closed-captioned to be played by any broadcast television show) if needed.

• Rive Video Promo will digitize and upload the video to the biggest Internet music video sites. We will strive to get “featured” artist placement. This will increase overall awareness of the video and artist branding.

Our promotion serves 2 necessary functions:

First, we have to format the video master for Broadcast. This means that every master has to first be Closed Captioned, and then the tape master copies have to be made in the appropriate tape or digital format, and shipped to the individual programmer. We use the highest quality tape stock, and most popular Closed Captioning program to achieve this, preserving the original look and quality of the master. This is to assure you that when the video airs, it looks pristine. When shipped, each programmer will receive a package with the video master, all necessary paperwork, sub forms, Bio, Photo, and Rive Video One-Sheet, describing highlights of the artists career, tour dates, bullet points, sales notes, and notable hype.

After servicing your video masters to the programmers, our promotional service retainer begins. We make weekly calls to each programmer, getting them bullet points on the project, and pitching them to program the video. Our retainer is for an 8 week promotion. We provide 8 weekly tracking reports, stating who is airing the video, when, and where.

We want to do the best work possible for you and want to make sure that this video gets serviced properly. Please give me a call 732-530-1501 or email me back at and I’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns about the whole process.

Please fill out the contact form for more information. Provide us with a link to your song of video and We will promptly get you a specific custom proposal for your song, with our huge target list of show, pricing, and a strategy to maximize airplay of your video. No obligation to buy anything.

Thank You Very Much & We Look Forward to Working With You!

Rive Video Promotion