Savage Chop “Relationship Goalz”

Savage Chop is a young Rap Artist who’s next in line to rise to stardom from the the city of Miami. Backed by New Millionaires Entertainment, & distributed by EMPIRE, Savage Chop is here to play no games & intends to take the world by storm with the element of surprise.

His Debut Album “Lost My Mind” is one of the hottest to hit the scene this year. The video for his meoldic & catchy single “Relationship Goalz” aired on <> ‘s main slot where it gained almost 1 million views in just 2 days. “Relationship Goalz” is a “feel good” song where Chop talks about wanting to do nothing more than shower his girl with love, gifts, and trips. The rhythm makes you bop your head, & sing along with the simple yet repetitious hook; qualities that make this song a definite winner!!! Baller Alert even posted a promo clip of the video as a trending topic. You can check out the video on Savage Chop’s VEVO Channel on YouTube, & it’s also scheduled to be released on several major music video channels, pools, & digital outlets.
It will be followed up by the video for the album’s title track “Lost My Mind” which is a bit more intense but just as well orchestrated & shows another creative side of the artist- musically as well as visually.

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