Xavier “Good Life”

Bossed Up Management is proud to announce that Xavier, the wildly popular, multi-talented “Triple Threat” artist performed a wide variety of blood-pumping music at his 1st Mixtape Release party in March hosted by the amazing DJ Chris Dollar of AOS Entertainment. Xavier, whose recent appearances have included interviews on Power 105 FM The DJ Self Show, Doghouse Radio, OHC Radio, BME TV, DTF Radio the Steph Lova Show, B100 Radio in ATL (Mizay Entertainment), FRP-TV, Violators Radio Show, Ride With Me TV, Industry 21 Magazine, graced the cover of Cr8tions Magazine and countless other interviews, is the heartthrob whose hits “BALLIN'”, “GREATEST” and “WHO WE ARE” have rocked the charts and captivated audiences from coast to coast. His performance at the sold-out DJ Self’s Gwinin Fest was featured on BET Breaks hosted by Jamila Mustafa and NY1 brought the house down! As a rapper, vocalist, instrumentalist and lyricist, Xavier is quickly becoming an unstoppable force in the music industry. This young powerhouse has also headlined several public-service benefits, such as the Spring 2016 Poconos Water Drive for Flint, Michigan at the Stroudsburg, PA Cultural Center which brought in donations of over 200 cases of bottled water.

Xavier (Mathew DeSilva) an 19 year old Hip-Hop/Rnb artist from Brooklyn, knew that music would someday be his life from the very moment he picked up drum sticks at the age of 8. Always thinking of a life with Hip Hop at the very center, he settled early and practiced vigorously to master the art of producing, and rhyming phrases that completely baffled anybody who opposed his success.

Being at his very worst in 2012, there was a stage of depression where music was the only way to get through a single day. Hip Hop was not only seen as a profession to him, but also as an angel. Thinking deeply on the decision to blindly pursue his dreams, the undying passion for Hip-Hop and drive for making his loved ones proud kept him from quitting, as facing all odds at what had seemed to be rock bottom was the worst thing to ever happen. With this being said, after leaving the microphone for some time, X would have came back to music production stronger, smarter, more ambitious and some would say he had a fire that was so bright, that anybody could simply feel his presence in the same room from the moment he walked in.

Standing tall after what had seemed to be a strenuous rise to success , Xavier is an ambitious young hip hop artist who lives to see the top and will not rest until he is there.



“Good Life was created to be a “Feel Good” record. Lee On The Beats gave me the record a year or two ago originally and always had faith in my sound. I learn from him in terms of making each record a historic one and I aimed for exactly that. I wanted people to put the song on if they’re cruising in the car with their friends, partying, clubbing, or just chilling with their headphones on. Most importantly, I wanted everyone at my shows to go buck wild as soon as they hear the first note (which ends up happening). Hip hop has a new sound whether people like it or not, and although my sound is reminiscent of an older sound, I still added a flavor of what’s out right now. The song has a natural bounce to it, but I purposely added a more gritty-sounding hip hop verse in the middle to preserve that “hard” hip hop sound, to not make it so pop-ish. Overall this record is all about living life, grinding, and reaping the benefit of one’s hard work.

Shooting the video was out of this world. From the directing staff to the people in the scenes, there were just good vibes everywhere. My project manager for “Good Life”, Adante Ace, was always on top of his game all around the board and made sure everything was punctual. Not once did my team have to worry about when something had to be done (in this business thats very important). We actually had extra scenes to play with, that’s how much shooting we did. Special shoutout to my director MaziO, he was just onboard with everything and always took initiative to make the video portray “Good Life”. The funniest part had to be getting my manager Smag in a Genie suit. MaziO and Smag both came up with the final concept of the video, so when we were looking for someone to play the Genie I originally suggested Smag to play the role as a joke. MaziO ran with it and instantly had an idea for the outfit and characterization. This video involved everyone from my closest friends to models, to DJ Self (DJ Self is one of the most charismatic humorous individuals man) and the rest was history. You learn life as you do these things and so far everything has been top 5 and beyond.” – XAVIER