A.Swain & Lipe “A Thousand Likes”

“A Thousand Likes”, the new debut single and video from duo A.Swain & Lipe, highlights the parity and excitement that comes from getting social media likes by cleverly combining new trends with a catchy melody.


When asked about producing and creating music, the team adds “We love coming up with different rhythms and melodic feels that music fans of all genres can enjoy. We understand that the music industry relies on fresh new music with now & forward thinking minds. With our brand “Produced By NWP” our goal is to be in the forefront of making simply good music.”

Producers/Artists A.Swain & Lipe both grew up in the Midwest and got involved in music at a young age. A.Swain & Lipe first met in 2011 while working on production projects for several independent artists. Along the way they have produced records in various genres including Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, & worked with up & coming Country artist Alexandra Kay producing her debut single & video called “No More.” The music video “No More” has so far garnered almost 500k views.

In 2015 A.Swain & Lipe formed their own production co. “Produced By NWP.” They have teamed up with Sony The Orchard to distribute their debut single “A Thousand Likes” and the EP released under their independent label Nettwork Ent/The Scorpio Collective.

With the release of the “A Thousand Likes” EP, A.Swain & Lipe display a diverse mix of genre flipping versatility.The lead single off the new 4 song EP is also called “A Thousand Likes.” This new track mixes the melodic hook and vocals with a 808 trendy pop/R&B feel. Track 2 is entitled “Stay the Night” and is a pop trance dance record. Track 3 is entitled “Like This” & embodies a smooth soulful R&B record. Track 4 is entitled “Weekend” and is a hip modern record which features upcoming St. Louis hip hop artist Miistro Freeyo.


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