DJ Pebbles “Heart Away From You”

DJ Pebbles can’t keep her hands off tempered club beats and glossy melodies. Hot off the heels of her first-ever Top 10 hit on the Billboard Club Chart (with “To Not Love You”), she leans into thicker pop production for the spirited follow-up. “Heart Away from You,” which still contains a murky EDM fizzle, is tailored for Top 40, in a post-The Chainsmokers world. “[This] is a comeback song after a nasty heartbreak. I picked up all the broken pieces and realized that it’s okay to let your heart be whole again,” DJ Pebbles tells Popdust of the new banger. “The song shows a girl opening herself up again to vulnerability but also realizing it’s okay to have fun and flirt and be young. It’s about a girl who doesn’t want anything serious–she’s just trying to have a good time after going through a lot. She’s in control of her life this time.”


“It makes girls feel empowered and gives them the freedom to let their hair down. From pre-game, to the party, to the post-game, this song works in all situations,” she adds.

“Don’t want to keep my heart away from you. Come on and take it, it’s all yours,” she promises on the track.

Last year, the performer and DJ began attending the Tisch School of the Arts in New York City. So far, the City That Never Sleeps makes her “feel like my artistry grows every second here as it is so stimulated constantly,” she says. “I’m surrounded by opportunities to work, and I’m constantly developing my career and passion and I love that. The biggest difference [from Brisbane] would have to be the lifestyle. In Australia, I would spend my days at the beach sleeping in, going for long drives, eating Vegemite. Here, I find myself not sleeping, riding the subway, at parties and work events and eating bagels. Don’t tell my trainer,” she quips.

Before leaving for New York, DJ Pebbles–whose moniker is inspired by her childhood nickname–gave her father one last musical gift by singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” one of her earliest musical memories. “I sang it for hours trying to make it good enough to perform for my dad,” she reflects.

DJ Pebbles borrows significantly intricate elements from house, electronic and alt-pop in her own music, perhaps credited to her current obsession with Culture Code. “I love all types of vocal house. Anything where the lyrics tie you in, and blow you away. I saw Louis The Child a few weeks back; it’s awesome to see young kids taking over the industry. It empowers me,” she says.