John’s Crossing “Son of Man”

John’s Crossing welcomes you with open arms to join us in seeking the truth & loving justice of God’s reign in our own lives and the world around us.

We offer with a radical welcome to both believers and seekers, powerful spirituality & joyful worship. We invite you to make John’s Crossing a part of your life.


The recently released lyric video for “Son of Man” by John’s Crossing from their debut album released on 11/19/16 on Insight Records and available now  from

Visit the website for a free download of this song.  We hope this video inspires you.

About John’s Crossing

Our first goal was to build a music school and a fine recording studio where we can develop the talent in the surrounding areas. This was completed in early 2016. The main purpose of this entertainment facility was most importantly to house In-Site Records.

This Christian Record Company’s first release will be from John’s Crossing featuring John Albino: Writer, producer, vocalist and extraordinary guitarist, Bridget Larson: Vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist, and the legendary lead guitarist from rock group Anthrax, Dan Spitz.