Astronauts of Antiquity (AOA) “Future Back”

It seems that even with robots love knows no bounds. At least this is the case in the new Astronauts of Antiquity “Future Back” music video. The band teamed up with Tribe Sound Productions, a Philadelphia based production company to produce this veiled millennial social commentary love story starring…..robots.  Nuclear fallout, stunning post-apocalyptic scenery, adventure, and a never ending romantic quest amidst the forces of evil set the tone for this fun and provocative film short.  “I Want My Future Back” is an angst ridden anthemic call that feels familiar to us all in our current state of precarious world affairs.



Luminous electronic soundscapes, tantalizing dance rhythms, pop-conscious melodies and provocative spiritually infused lyrical themes.  Astronauts of Antiquity project a vibrant spectrum of textures to convey music that is both intuitively accessible and emotionally expressive.

Fronted by the exquisitely articulated and cloud-penetrating vocals of the group’s co-founder, India, the musical collective is propelled by the inventive guitars of B. Rhyan and orchestrated by the trio’s resident sonic wizard and programmer, Ivica.  The cooperative songwriting reveals a mercurial pastiche of themes and sounds. “We’ve designed it so you might not get it right away,” explains B. Rhyan. “We want the sound to be multi-dimensional, inviting the listener to look a little deeper, to expand on the ‘mysteries of life’ aspects.”

The current incarnation of the band was recast from an earlier organic alt rock and trip hop configuration featuring India and B. Rhyan. With origins in Chapel Hill, NC as a seven-piece aggregation, Astronauts of Antiquity made their full-length debut with AOA. Relocating to the metropolitan New York City area they added new elements of dub and electronica to their sound to create the highly regarded Rocket Science for Dummies.

The triumvirate took shape with the addition of Croatian native Ivica, a noted composer and programmer whose relocation to the United States introduced him to his musical heroes. “I grew up on Weather Report and Spyro Gyra, and I eventually found myself in New York wearing flip flops and shorts and going two blocks to play with these musicians,” he recalls. Ivica persuaded India and B. Rhyan to integrate studio sorcery and ultra modern grooves to underscore their alchemy of incisive song craft and deft musicality.

Adding to the collective, the band invited the rapper Deploi from the West Coast creative tribe of producers, spoken word artists and musicians known as House of Vibe to contribute to their songs. The results are both steeped in historical reference points and headed toward new destinations, or as B. Rhyan notes, “Forward thinking rooted in the wisdom of the past.” Now, with this spartan if hand-picked membership and bi-costal approach, they have transcended their live band origins to evolve into the next phase of a musical identity. “The present is what is most important,” says India.

Recorded at Ivica’s Venice Beach studio, highlights among their new tracks includes songs such as the hooky EDM infused  “Future Back”, written as an ode to Fukushima and the precarious conditions of post-modern life. “It’s the treason of reason” sings India – “but isn’t life for celebration?”, she pines. India states: “We want to bring to light the beauty and wonder of life juxtaposed with the dangerous world views that threaten it.”

Inspired travelers across a wide-ranging musical topography, Astronauts of Antiquity is intent on delivering socially conscious and yet intimate and captivating lyrics, augmented by sophisticated musicality that is infused with spirituality and transcendent grace.

The song “Lift Me Up,” includes the line, “I can’t please everyone/Have a nice day.” Concludes India, “Something might seem silly to the world, but if you believe in it who gives a damn.”