A CHAL “Round Whippin”

Walking the line between chilled-out R&B and head bobbing hip-hop, A.CHAL had a huge coming out party for himself in 2015 with sneaky hits like “Round Whippin” and “GAZI.” Channeling his Peruvian roots and eclectic influences into a distinct seductive style, the Los Angeles-based singer/producer has continued his hot streak into 2016—carefully navigating all the new attention cast his way and releasing his debut album Welcome To GAZI.

Artist/producer A.CHAL, is the bi-coastal scion of a sound and look that he’s cultivated between New York & Los Angeles for the past 5 years. Three years since his debut release, Ballroom Riots EP, he’s back to share his new song, “GAZI.” With co-production from GRAMMY nominated producer, Count Justice, it’s a moody and self reflective record where he shares the reality of living in the blurred line between ‘making it happen’ and ‘faking it till you make it.”