WiseProof “More More More More”

WiseProof is a hip hop veteran and staunch wordsmith disciplinarian who merges over 2 decades of music theory with the cultivation of rap lyricism and performance art. His style has been described as “… forceful, antagonistic music, seething through your speakers… a futuristic, hip-hop/dancehall MC” by Tim Pratt in SF Weekly (Music). With an ability to command a seamless variety of vocal delivery techniques, WiseProof has crafted a signature style set apart from his mainstream competitors.

Not one to be confined, WiseProof easily and eagerly pioneers the musical frontier, creating and evolving genres and sounds. His current project is a fusion of Rap, EDM, and Future Psy, and has been called ‘Trapadelic’ or ‘Galactic Trap’. Other projects in the works are described as ‘Dub Hop’, ‘Tribal Bass Hop’, ‘Dread Bass’, and ‘Electro Rock Hop’.

As an orphan in the inner cities of the northeast U.S. he was literally raised on and by urban street life, but he had some guidance from a few elders who gave him the name WiseProof, because of his ability to convey the steadfastness of his perspective. Seemingly caught in the cycle of a criminal lifestyle, a series of near death and mind expanding experiences gave WiseProof the awareness he needed to shape his own destiny, move to the west coast U.S. and to focus on his musical career.

WiseProof’s current single ‘More More More More’ can be heard on radio stations throughout the U.S., and the song has reached #2 on the Indie DRT chart, and #58 on the National DRT chart! The visually stunning music video for ‘More More More More’ was released this spring, and the ‘Trapadelic’ EP is planned for release by late spring /early summer 2016!

“I can get right in the pocket with all the popular rap styles out right now, but when you hear me you can tell that I’m naturally on a plateau & dimension that transcends the swag I’m presenting. All the time I’m just waitin’ to tap a frequency that inspires a musical manifestation of that transcendence!” -WiseProof