Fullee Love “Surfboard Cali”

Legend has it.. He’s the sole reason for the break up of the iconic alternative hip hop group Jurassic 5!?

Allegedly told Linkin Park (when they were hot).. 2 kiss his ass, and then forced to retract the claim when put into a choke hold by “Tha Man” (his manager)

…And once told the legendary Bruce Springsteen “Hey playa…ur wife got ass”

All these things makes him ur best nightmare and scariest good time! Coming from the 6 man barbershop quartet Jurassic 5. Fullee Love has traveled the world and performed on some of the biggest stages known to man, Coachella, Glastonbury Festival, Loopalooza, Fuji Rock and the back yard of the world renowned “Sweet Willie Coontz” (R.I.P.)

Labeled as soul brotha #16 & 3/4, Fullee Love has taken his talents solo, with the release of the 7 song EP “Still In Fullee Love” packed with personality, charisma and…well…Him!

Fullee has come with something totally different from what may be expected (so don’t)

The time is now, and there’s no need to starve women’s hearts any longer, so strap up and tell your men, you’ll be back by Friday….

…..Cause this is Fullee Love !!