The Western Sons “Send My Love”

The Western Sons started when Garrett Carr, Tyler Cohenour and Blake Rigdon began playing and producing music together at the University of South Florida. It was bed-room musicianship. Songwriting. Growing – and finding a sound that represented all. Kyle started playing drums because we wanted to bring our songs to life and play live – been our drummer ever since.

In many ways, our album “Frontiers” confronts a question that we’ve all asked at one time or another: “Maybe if I can get to some far off place, it’ll be better?” These are the people and moments we wrote about – people who didn’t seek “The Frontier” but architected their own. And that sounds like something easy to aggrandize, but it was important for us to explore the lightness and darkness of wanting something more.

“For Us, Music has always seemed like a destination with no map. A Place you could reach if only there was a road to take you there. “Frontiers” was made to be shared, whether it be on your phone screen or in the backyard of a house party, it was made to take you to that place. It was made for some that someone who’s searching. That someone who is still curious. That someone who isn’t afraid of the outcome because they at least got to explore.”

“Send My Love” in a way, is the dark side of getting what you want. Maybe your frontier is a big new city with a big new job. Maybe it’s a cabin in the woods. But at the end of the day, it usually takes some sacrifice to get there. It takes some loss… and there’s something sinister about getting what you want and losing someone you thought you would keep.