DJ E Feezy “Shout Out” ft Ace Hood & Yo Gotti

With all your ingredients laid out on the table all it takes is a pinch of salt to make your meal taste just right. Ingredients equal team and the salt equals Dj E-Feezy. A team player since birth Dj E-Feezy has elevated his game every year with all the right ingredients around him to make him just right for any fit. Birthed in Cleveland, Oh he started djing at the young age of 12 and started radio at 14. It turned into a instant love affair between him and his turntables. Like husband and wife Dj E-Feezy’s relationship with his turntables and his radio are inseparable.

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Making his radio start at WENZ in Cleveland, Dj E-Feezy ran with his love for radio and never looked back. While long in his stride patients was the key. While in college Dj E-Feezy knew that he had to decrease in markets in order to increase for survival in this business. Leaving market 16 to get a college degree he moved to Huntsville, Al to market 182 as a weekend mixer at WEUP. After two and a half years at WEUP he decided to make the move from a independent radio station to a bigger more corporate setting at WHRP a Cumulus Broadcasting company with in the same market place. While employed at WHRP under Phillip David, Dj E-Feezy wanted to be more then just a weekend mixer and developed a radio personality. Calm in manner it was almost impossible to imagine him as a radio personality,but after he found his niche it was unbelievable the raw energy he possessed. While nonchalant in demeanor , when he cracks a microphone he is full of extraordinary energy and poise. He literally transforms from night to day in a matter of seconds as he does with in his career.

Although he was a student attending a University , he was also a striving student in learning the music business. Dj E-Feezy wanted to take his career to another plateau and started syndicating his radio show in different markets across the country. You could hear him in southern states such as Alabama, Georgia , South Carolina and Florida. While long in his stride he knew that patients was the key and while he worked and waited Sirius/XM Radio contacted him to air his own show nationally on Hip Hop Nation. In the midst of maintaing college,over 5 markets in the south and being nationally syndicated you would think he was on top of the world. Dj E-Feezy felt blessed, but he wanted to add more elements to his career.

After graduating college Dj E-Feezy moved to Memphis, TN (market 48) to continue his career. This time he elevated from just a weekend mixer in market 182 to a full time radio personality doing over nights (12am-6am). Fresh out of college, graveyard shift was fine for him because it was the experience that mattered. After spending a year in Memphis doing over nights he decided to move to Louisville,KY to take on yet another full time position doing evenings (6pm-10pm) at WGZB. This was a experience of a life time and yet another notch in his belt. Moving from weekends to over nights and being nationally syndicated it would be safe to say it doesn’t get any better. But for Dj E-Feezy he always wants more and strives for more. While in Louisville,KY Dj E-Feezy took his radio career to another plateau by mixing for the nationally syndicated Russ Par in the Morning Show broadcasting out of Washington, DC. With Russ Par being syndicated in over 20 radio markets simultaneously in the US, you could hear him in the mornings and in the evenings on terrestrial radio and Sirius/XM radio. This national attention made headlines and spark the interest of the nationally respected crew The Heavy Hitters lead by Hot 97s afternoon jock Dj Enuff. Dj E-Feezy joined the Heavy Hitters and the rest is history in the making.

With all the ingredients in place Dj E-Feezy is the complete package as a dj and businessman. He can do it all while expressing great ethics in team work and hustle. With undeniable experience in the music business you would think E-Feezy is old in age,but still he still remains in his twenties and steady moving forward in this great business. Radio, club or corporate settings Dj E-Feezy is just the right element you need with in your ingredients to crate a successful team.