Memoryy “All My Love” official music video

“Memoryy makes metallic future-pop for lovers. The latest single off his forthcoming EP, All My Love, is proof of that. It’s a rocket-fueled jam with its grandiose heart on its leather sleeve.”

“The sound is bright, the chorus is syrupy sweet and the groove begs you to dance.”

“We all need a little sparkly synth pop in our lives and Memoryy is dishing it out in spades.”
-The Music Ninja”

“It’s unabashedly pop and I can totally imagine Napoleon Dynamite throwing some sweet, sweet moves to this little number, which is a very good thing.”

Shaun Hettinger already had 10 years of being a songwriter & band frontman under his belt by the time he moved to Brooklyn & joined Electro-Pop group The Golden Pony. Soon whittled down to just the duo of mastermind Tim Monkiewicz & Shaun on keys, The Golden Pony played SXSW & started cranking out the club-rocking remixes they’d get known for. Shaun acknowledges , “Everything I know about producing electronic music I learned from Tim during that time.”

Soon incorporating these techniques into his own songwriting, his first solo electro-pop project – Kitten Berry Crunch – was born. “I put out one jokey music video with cats playing instruments & very quickly opportunities started coming my way” – including an opening slot for a Brooklyn dj set by The Rapture, which left Shaun 2 weeks to put together a live band.

As the band gained more steam, Shaun left The Golden Pony & released a second Kitten Berry Crunch EP, 2 music videos & was constantly gigging. By the time the band stepped into the studio to record the next EP (2013’s Electric City), it was clear a new band name was needed. “The songwriting was becoming more artsy & serious-natured, and a less jokey band name was needed.” Thus, Memoryy was formed – a name that looks backward while putting a fresh spin on it.

By the time Shaun stepped into the studio to record 2014’s Young Oblivion EP, Memoryy had become a one-man band again. “I know live performance is key to any band, but it had become a hindrance to my growth as a producer. I was wearing too many hats & there was no time to develop a signature sound when we were constantly rehearsing & playing a show every other week.”

Young Oblivion was the rebirth of Shaun as a producer and was the first with his frequent collaborator & co-producer – chillwave artist Brothertiger (John Jagos). Garnering praise from press outlets (CMJ, Noisey, The Music Ninja etc), radio-play (from the likes of LA powerhouse KCRW), support slots alongside Wet & Black Light Dinner Party, an official remix for Platinum-selling artist Ron Pope, and 2 Top Five songs on HypeMachine, Shaun ended 2014 by forming his own Production Company where he scored short films & wrote commercial music for clients like Redken, L’oreal & Pepsi.

2015 proved to be another pivotal year for Memoryy, releasing 2 more singles that both shot to the Top 5 on HypeMachine. “Feeling Sinister” (another Brothertiger co-production) was the first – a tropical, bongo-filled slice of synth-pop; subsequently followed by the brand new “All My Love” – a modern Electro Pop banger that featured production help from Abe Seiferth (Yeasayer) & was mixed by Luke Tozour (Grammy nominated for Katy Perry “I Kissed A Girl”.) After being in production for 8 months, a buzz-worthy sci-fi music video for the song premiered on NYLON, and quickly blew minds with the original concept & amazing visuals provided by production company Psychic Bunny.

Stay tuned for a full length Memoryy LP coming 2016!