Julian Rhine “My Girl Left Me (For A Girl)”

“Julian is bizarre, energetic, full of life and sound and passion.
He provides a contemporary sound and message that would be easy for the public to digest.” -The Source

“Beastie Boys fans may feel some comforting nostalgia after hearing hip-hop/pop artist Julian Rhine, who is rising in recognition after performing at SXSW and opening for the likes of Macklemore, Mobb Deep, and Diddy. Fans will love Julian Rhine’s furiously intense hip-hop delivery.” -Hype Machine

Check out the World Premiere of “My Girl Left Me (For A Girl)” on Funny Or Die

Shocking, hilarious, and always refreshing, Julian Rhine–Brooklyn born & raised artist and board game enthusiast–is here to share his story of Love, Romance & eventual Heartbreak when your girl leaves you
….for a girl.

A songwriter at heart, Julian Rhine plays loud, punk guitar riffs, raps like a machine gun, and sings mellifluously. His imaginative, fun pop beats and emotionally charged, honest, witty lyrics are a welcome change from the re-hashed, mashed-up pop scene of today. The artist speaks his mind, his heart, and his b*lls.