Indytronics “Clone Fight”

Considering themselves an indie-rock and post-punk revival band, Indytronics are here to put the Ukraine on the map as a hub for a new & exciting style of alternative music.

Located in Kiev, Ukraine, founding members Daniel & Denys found inspiration to start creating music when they were touring across Europe and happened across street musicians in Stockholm playing with an interesting melodic indie vibe. They were so impressed after hearing such great music on the streets of Stockholm and decided to create something of their own when they returned to Kiev. This was the start of Indytronics in 2012.

In their 3 year existence, Indytronics have appeared on several Ukrainian TV shows, and their songs are in rotation on Ukrainian Radio Roks, Europa Plus, American Whiskey Radio, HotMix Radio, WCSF Radio, German CTdasradio, and more.

Indytronics first EP titled “Vision” released on the 4th of October 2013, a few singles were released before finally unleashing their debut LP “Scintilla Wave” which was released on the 23rd of April 2015.

People from all over the world have supported Indytronics through worldwide digital music sales and they have been mentioned in the British magazine “Huck”, Channel M1 and M2 on television, US magazine iMoveiLive to name a few. Their music is also featured on a few different fashion shows on the international television network IDFasion in the USA, Ukraine, Italy, Austria and France.