Bel Air

Bel-Air (born Rodney Philippe) is quickly becoming a noteworthy musical sensation. Born in Orlando but having spent a few years in the Brooklyn New York area. Bel-Air possess both big apple flare and a little southern bounce. Bel-Air is a walking combination of Pop, Hip Hop and R&B, with stylistic likens to Chris Brown, OutKast, and Mr. Prince of Bel-Air himself. Musically influenced by Jimmy Hendrix, Big Sean, Kenye West and Wyclef. Bel-Air’s hits are guaranteed feel good music that will make you want to dance. Bel-Air’s motivations for creating music are that he loves good music and a promise he made to his late mother. The promise was that he would become a rapper and he would make sure she got what ever she wanted. Although She’s no longer with us, that promise is a constant intrinsic motivator to do more and better himself through his music and ultimately make her happy. The name Bel-Air was derived from a reference to a wealthy area of California, which symbolizes the dream of being wealthy and successful. Bel-Air views music as his way to better himself by showing his artistic creativity and by bettering his community each and every step of the way. Aside from music, Bel-Air has a creative eye for fashion his style selections cannot be missed. Bel-Air hopes to one day produce a line of his own.