Nesta! “”Better Now” & “Take Me”

Nesta! is a singer-songwriter, successful wellness coach, avid surfer, entrepreneur, and passionate animal rescuer with her own non-profit organization, “Let Love Rule Animal Rescue.” A natural performer, Nesta! has been singing, writing, and performing since she was a young girl. With her dewey vocals and infectious melodies, she is a perfect collaborator for DJ’s and producers. Nesta! has found electronic dance music to be a niche in the music business that is a good fit for her both musically and energetically.

A talented lyricist, Nesta! communicates her feelings and emotions in an infectious manner that leaves her audience not only hearing the music, but feeling it’s message. An exuberant performer, her live show has been called “a little bit Cirque de Soleil, Burning Man, Rock n Roll, and a whole lotta fun.”

Professionally Nesta! has had the opportunity to play at some of Los Angeles’s most famous venues including: Whisky a Go-Go, The House of Blues, and most recently The Viper Room. Last year Nesta! brought the house down in Austin, Texas during the famous SXSW event at Amped Upstairs, one of Austin’s premier nightclubs. She has been awarded the prestigious Malibu Music Award for best pop song for her release Fly Free, and her music video Take Me was selected by the Idyllwild International film festival as the Best Music Video of 2014.

Nesta! has a wide variety of musical interests and her love for multi-genre experimentation has led her to release both electronic and acoustic music. Her ability to translate her songs in both genres has gained her a fan base that enjoys her diverse range of sounds.

Nesta’s latest project, an album entitled Surrender, set to release late summer of 2015, blends her musical diversity into an album that truly takes the listener on an adventure of sound. From its experimental introduction to its powerful hooks and drops, Surrender is an album for music lovers. It is this energy that led her to create her own record label called Lovie Records where you will find all three of her self released albums. The first single “Better Now” has already been getting some praise. “…A powerful blend of hooky vocals and insane beats” said A Daily Dose of Bass while PopMania crowns Nesta! as one of their favorite electronic dance music artists of all time!

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