Jet Black Alley Cat “Electric Raazors”

We listen to music to ultimately feel something, sewing the lyrics to our hearts, finding meaning in the rapt pockets of meter that allow us to transcend into a sound tracked world where we close our minds and let the entirety of the rhythm affect us. The distinct, dark-retro sound of Jet Black Alley Cat connects to listeners, speaking to their hookups, breakups and blues, all the while, creating a space where they can momentarily be at one with their woes. Upon meeting in Nashville, the band, Joe Wilkinson (Belvidere, TN), Christian Harrison (Little Rock, AR), Zach Douglas (Kingsport, TN), Cristofer Johnson (Birmingham, AL), and Bryant Lowry (Evansville, IN) started writing music. After their first hit release, Poison, the band built their image on the cinematic, dark-electric flare the song emits. The morose and aggressive tone to the band’s music fuses vintage bluesy vibes with groovy pop-rock beats to create a sound yet to be heard on popular radio.

Since 2014, the band has released three recorded singles, Poison, Memphis Blues and Electric Raazors, with another release rumored in late 2015. The band has aired on Nashville’s local Lightening 100, MTV, MTVU, MTV Latin America and will be touring the East Coast of the US in late July-August 2015.

At the end of the day, the band revels in the deep music they make that sets their audience wild with groove, nostalgic for the past while falling in love with a present feeling. That’s the dream for JBAC: to make one-of-a-kind music so organic and transparent that fans can relate and grow with. “Everyone wants to play rock,” the band admits. “We want to be the ones fans never forget.”