Duke Boyz

Under the banner of “The Maverick” Mikel Knight & 1203 Entertainment comes a new sound straight out of Nashville known as the Duke Boyz

Hear ‘The Maverick’ tell you about Duke Boyz himself

“Besides my new album (Urban Cowboy, Where the City Meets the Country) I also have a group album coming out with the Duke Boyz, called Denim & Chrome. The group includes my brother KoolWhip from Austin Texas. Anywhere you’ve seen Mikel Knight, you’ve seen my brother Koolwhip. On stage, or in the videos, you can’t miss him. Also Nashville’s own Jellyroll, as well as myself, make up the remaining members of the Duke Boyz. This album is like a mixture of Brantley Gilbert, Lil John, and Mikel Knight. Add a little whiskey and some buckshot, and you got Denim & Chrome, due out this fall.”