Koma “Sober Nightmares”

Koma is a young and passionate artist from Boston, inspired by the art at a young age allowed him to form the realization that he was made to become an innovative and revolutionary entertainer.

Koma grew up in a single parent poverty-stricken household where he witnessed his two older brothers fall victim to the streets all while watching his dedicated mother work two jobs to support her family. With no one to interact with, Koma turned to music for friendship, guidance and relief. Inspired by artists such as Eminem, Jay Z, 2pac and The Notorious BIG, he was able to create the unique, lyrical and witty style, you receive from his music.

With his lyrical talent and distinctive style, Koma catches the ear of different demographics and is instantly embraced as a boundless artist. Koma has a humble and personable attitude with a star-like quality that can illuminate a room of any capacity.

The recently released project THE ADDICTION clearly identifies Koma’s passion, attitude and his exceptional lyrical style. The project is dedicated in memory of his best friend Odin Lloyd – Death gave him Music, Music gave him Life.