Darwin Deez “Kill Your Attitude”

It’s been two years since indie-pop renaissance man and musical DIY-er Darwin Deez released his album Songs For Imaginative People, the follow-up to his highly successful self-titled debut, and today he announces the details of his third record.
Double Down, out this Autumn, features Kill Your Attitude, the album’s first single and Radio 1’s recent “Hottest Record In The World.” Inspired by the song’s lyrical theme of “love is war,” the video for Kill Your Attitude, directed by Dent De Cuir, has been turned into an absolutely masterful visual experience, in which Darwin is unknowingly immersed in a first person shooter game arena. Deez finds himself being hunted down by his better half for all those small things you do in a relationship that start to annoy – hogging the duvet cover, emptying the fridge and leaving the washing up. To achieve this Dent De Cuir and Ruffian Post constructed a whole new video game world for Darwin to be dropped into, the first time this has been done in a pop video.