Symplicity “Don’t Hate”

There are many ways to describe the singing group “Symplicity” and the words honest, pure, talented, sweet, focused, intelligent, and gifted are just a few to sum up the personality of the group. The group consists of 3 sisters, twins, Star and Sha’tarr both 18, and Tasia who is 17. Jeff Lucas the personal manager and Father to Shatarr, Starr and Tasia Lucas aka Simplicity (The Baby Dolls Of Brooklyn) actually came up with the name Simplicity because he said it represents them, there’s not a bunch of effects or voice coders on their vocals they can just simply sing and in Coney Island Brooklyn where they reside there is a bunch of talent but these 3 girls were the best and youngest of all of them so Jeff nick named them The Baby Dolls of Brooklyn.

The sisters hail from Brooklyn, NY where they call the Coney Island section their home. Since the ages of 4 & 5 when they discovered their love of singing, these sisters have been on the grind to make Symplicity a force in the R&B game. Their mixture of R&B, with a touch of Hip Hop blends smoothly with their gospel roots and upon first listen most would definitely agree their sound is timeless.

Starr, Sha’tarr and Tasia are inspired by all of the young artist making music today but draw most of their inspiration and heavy influences from the Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Patty Labelle, Destiny’s Child, Mary J. Blige, and Mariah Carey. Even though the ladies draw upon these artists for inspiration the biggest contributor to their musical ability is their father, who is also their biggest fan.

These ladies match industry standards because they are very experienced. They have performed in various venues and stage shows throughout New York, South Carolina, and Texas. They have appeared on BET’s 106 & Park twice and are a part of the BET Music Matters campaign. These ladies worked so hard over the years as a group and are humbled by their fans, who named them the best R&B group out now.

Since these ladies are dedicated to their craft, their fans, and love of music and performances, Simplicity has appeared on Showtime at the Apollo several times, A&R Power Summits, Madison Square Gardens and won Best Female R&B in the Underground Music Awards 2 years in a row, just to name a few of their achievements.

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