Frank Reed “Ride 4 You”

Feel the heat from “Native Sunz” a multi-talented hip hop/rap group hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. The members of this talented group are all Native Americans. These guys have a distinct sound that defines Hip Hop. They have a huge hip hop fan base but also consistently reach out to fans of other genres. Fans not only listening to their music but feeling their deep lyrical content is their goal.

Sunrize Entertainment Unlimited is run by owner/songwriter/executive producer R.E.I.G.N. aka Frank Reed (Z.Hendricks) and producer STIXX (E.Jones). THE CITY OF REED MIXTAPE VOL. III E.P. is just a taste of the talent that Baltimore has to offer featuring the vocal talents of Sunrize Ent.’s own Lipp J. Allen (J.Harris) and Cardo (R.Wilson) who explode on tracks like “HEAT” and “WHAT IT DO”. The album features the lyrical and production skills of Frank Reed who has graced the album with his unique yet awkward flow that will leave your ears yearning for more. He bring you a plethora of emotionally charged wordplay that can only be compared to the skills of industry veterans, backed by the melodic yet fury driven tracks of STIXX.The album also features CARDO a Washington D.C. native whose father is a go-go legend. He also was featured on the track THAT’S LIFE REMIX. This camp has literally crafted a Hip Hop work of art.

The group NATIVE SUNZ consists of five core members R.E.I.G.N. aka FRANK REED, STIXX, LIPP J ALLEN, CARDO, and ASTRONOMIX. The members are all blood relatives that were separated as children only to reunite later as adults to do what they love to do best which is make magic through their music. The indie production company/label to which NATIVE SUNZ belong is also a profound grafitti/graphic artist as well as producer, writer, and engineer. STIXX is the source of the Native Sunz definitive sound also a producer/engineer taught by Frank Reed and developed into a production powerhouse.

Bringing more talent and diversity to the group is LIPP J. ALLEN, an extraordinary lyricist with the “gift of gab” hence the name L.I.P.P. who has made it his own personal goal to enlighten and connect with younger generations through amazing lyrical content. CARDO a Washington Dc. native who also is a well rounded lyrical juggernaut, the son of a DC go-go legend who tailor fits his wordplay to cut to the soul yet enlighten his listeners. ASTRONOMIX pronounced (ASTRO-NAHM-MIX) is the third producer of NATIVE SUNZ whom was also an apprentice to R.E.I.G.N. Astro aka Jimmy Swaggaton Esq. first fell in love with hip hop at the age 5 with his older cousin Frank Reed spinning records, he naturally learned to blend grooves & break beats. At the age of 18 he bought his first beat machine (ROLAND MV 8000) while part of the VA based rap group “CLOSED CIRCUIT.” Astro moved out west to the Bay Area and worked with several Mid West and Bay Area talent such as “Divine” for Divine Life Ent, PharoahGamoe, JPMD, TABB DOE and YOUNG Neff. Astro headed back east to Baltimore where Astro joined NATIVE SUNZ rap group to become a in- house producer to further his career. So with an amazing compilation of artists and strong foundation you can rest assured you will be hearing a lot more about this camp in years to come.

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