Black Star Electra “Monster”

“Reality Star gives birth, to a Monster”

Recording Artist/Reality Star, Daisy Delahoya and her new band “Black Star Electra” release debut music video. The video directed by Jeff Bitran, featuring the bands current single “Monster,”(available now through CD Baby) is quickly gaining buzz for its super racy, sexy and controversial content; a realm Miss Delahoya is no stranger to. The song depicts some touchy subjects, like substance abuse and depression.

Miss Delahoya, who has also suffered from depression in the past, describes the videos imagery in a way that, “when suffering from depression, thoughts become nightmares and people like monsters. It can be a scary, lonely, mixed up feeling.”

Daisy who was most recently featured on E! true Hollywood’s “Reality Aftermath,”along with her bandmates Chuck Irwin, Lucas Christenson, Jarod Woznik and David Disarro, has also been a long time supporter of “Two write Love on Her Arms” ( A non-profit organization that aims to present hope for people struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury and thoughts of suicide.

“I am not perfect and it is a life long process of maintaining healthy behaviors, But I am very grateful to all who have supported me and been there and continue to be here on this journey. I’m all about making a difference and hopefully inspiring others by sharing some of my stories and experiences through art and music, that has always been my goal.”

The debut self-titled album by Black Star Electra is available here & you can keep up with the all the latest Black Star Electra news here