Jierra “Mr Worthless”

The first artist to sign with the Indi.com record label, Jierra, has released her much anticipated debut single Mr. Worthless! The hit song became an instant success in its first 24 hours following a submission to an Indi Original Song Challenge. Since then Mr. Worthless has thrived in the studio and on the video set. Watch Jierra’s sensational new video “Mr Worthless” and purchase on ITunes http://goo.gl/qIGnJF

Jierra was born in Miami, Florida and by the time she was 3 years old, music and dance were already in her soul. Even at this young age, she began performing wherever there was a stage or a small gathering and it was clear that she had a very special connection with music.

“I remember when I was 3 years old and my Mom took me to a big performance hall where my older sister was going to be performing… as clear as if it were this very moment, I remember looking up at the stage and all around at the rows of empty audience seats and having the deepest and most grounding feeling that I was home… I knew from that point forward that performing would be my life.”

As Jierra continued growing up and performing, some of her opportunities brought her to countries all around the world. Not only did she have incredible experiences and meet many talented artists but she expanded her love of performing into a love of writing and creating music. She began writing songs and working on developing her own music and sound.

“I worked with SO MANY different artists, producers and production teams all over the world!!! I was looking for something… something deep in my Soul and I wanted to gather knowledge and experience with each new project and collaboration. I was being stretched as an artist – writing and helping to produce every style you could imagine, not only for myself, but for others as well. All the while, I was working to hone in on the kind of artist I wanted to be… What would MY sound be? And what did I want to say to the world?…”

These collaborations had Jierra doing projects with and for such artists as the legendary Michael Jackson and other members of the Jackson family, Jay-Z, Keri Hilson, Placido Domingo, Josh Groban, Diego Verdaguer, Amanda Miguel and more. She also worked alongside the same team members that wrote and produced music for Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Brandy, Ciara, Shakira and the list goes on. These experiences taught her about every different facet of being a professional artist.

So far, Jierra has already lived a very full and incredible artistic life! She has written hundreds of songs and has done close to 4,000 shows worldwide for audiences totaling into the millions. All of this was accomplished as an independent artist, proving that with courage and perseverance, one can truly accomplish anything. She is now looking forward to releasing her first solo album in 2014. After all that she has already done, she feels that she is just getting started!

“I have come so far and I’m very excited about the new adventures that are just beginning!!! I feel incredibly grounded in what I want as an artist… I’m so excited about all that I’ve learned up to this point and the way all of my experiences are showing up in my music. I have found MY SOUND and I’m excited to share it with the world!!

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