OG Domino “Get It Right”

Domino The “OG” of the melodic rap style (melodocious) that not only redefined Hip Hop, it bridged the gap between R&B and Rap music with the 1993 monster smash entitled “Getto Jam”.

Shocking the world, Domino became the highest debuting Hip Hop artist on Billboard Magazine’s Rap and R&B charts, superseding industry veterans like Toni Braxton, Snoop Dogg, Queen Latifah, Ice Cube, Too Short, etc… With the “Getto Jam” success sweeping the nation by storm, Domino’s melodic flow would prove to be most influential in the music industry. There would soon be other melodic rap artist to hit the scene such as crossover sensation Nelly, and now Multi-Platinum Hip Hop artist Drake. “There are many of we, but only one me,” says Domino. Since Domino’s appearance on the music scene, he has been blessed and fortunate, being able to have worked with some of the most prolific names in the movie industry. His display of credits include making musical tracks for motion picture, box office hits such as Jim Carey’s (“The Mask”), Alicia Silverstone’s (“Clueless”), Halle Berry’s (Losing Isaiah”), Spike Lee’s (“Tales From The Hood”), Russell Simmons’s (“The Show”), LL Cool J’s (“In Too Deep”), and the list continues. In addition to his many television appearances on shows like the now defunct Arsenio Hall Show and daytime queen Jenny Jones, he has showcased his talents at many of the most recognized venues and arenas in the country.

Appearing at the Apollo Theater, Domino not only mesmerized Harlem, he devastated the East Coast making New York his second biggest sales market in the country.

“Get It Right”

Domino would bridge the gap between West Coast and East Coast rap by becoming the first West Coast artist to be distributed by the biggest Hip Hop label in the world (Def Jam) and made the first #1 West Coast hit for Def Jam which would be responsible for not only the launch of Def Jam West (Def Jams’ West Coast division) but also paved the way for other West Coast Artist to sign with Def Jam, like platinum rapper Warren G and platinum R&B singer Montell Jordan.

It should be noted that the legendary Notorious BIG respected Dominos’ flow enough to have quoted him on his first platinum selling, classic album “Ready To Die” when he sings “Here We Go, Here We Go but I’m not Domino”. Domino is the only West Coast artist ever mentioned by Notorious BIG in that capacity (“Takes a legend to acknowledge a legend”). The Infamous Steven Tyler of Aerosmith also credits “Domino” as being a favorite Hip Hop artist of his in XXL Magazine, showing that Domino not only appealed to Hip Hop fans but to fans of the world as a whole. Multi Platinum, Music Mogul “Jay Z” pays respect to Domino on his smash “American Gangster” when he also says “Here We Go, Here We Go but I’m not Domino as well.”

Now the West Coast “OG” has resurfaced as OG Domino to refresh the industry again with his new, explosion entitled “Get It Right”. This album showcases his beliefs from a spiritual perspective. The combination of smooth melodic flows and hypnotizing harmonies remain unmatched. Lyrically correct as usual. “I’m no holier than any other man but we forgot this part”, says OG. Sunday mornings containing the ingredients of Christ were common in the streets of the LBC, weather you were maintaining or gang banging. “OG” also says he thinks it’s important for his fans to know all of him and not just Getto Jam, etc.

He did it for the LBC, now he will do it for the G-O-D. This project is sure to captivate the mind and spirit, while proving why: Each Day That You Wake Up Is Just Another Chance To Get it right…

For more info check out http://www.ogdomino.com/