Rapper Delonzo, born Delonzo Carraway, is an Independent Rap recording artist known for his warm voice and Curtis Blow style of Rap. He blends old school feel with new school swag! Born in Brownsville, NY, He performed at local theater during high school and developed a love for acting. Being a native New Yorker, he was fascinated and captivated by the hip hop movement that had originated from there with Rap artist like Run DMC, Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J and his favorite.. Curtis Blow. After high school he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. While in the military he had an opportunity to live and experience the art and life style music trends of Europe. He then went to Okinawa Japan where he lived on a military base, had the opportunity to experience Japan’s art, culture, and love for American Entertainment.

“Love Letter” ft Blake Martin

Delonzo’s over-all experience while traveling in the Military gave him an opportunity to embrace different cultures, which enhanced his love for music. While in the military he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and currently is in process of achieving a Master’s degree in Project Management from Jones University. After a four year stint in the Marines, he received an honorable discharge. Delonzo moved to California to help his mother take care of his ailing Father who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His father lost his battle with Parkinson’s which led Delonzo to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in Music and Film. Fourteen months subsequent to his father’s death, his mother passed away as a result of respiratory problems and heart failure. Being the type of strong willed person he is, instead of caving in and wallowing in sorrow, Delonzo uses his worldly and deep emotional experiences and expresses them through song. As a result of experiencing firsthand how dramatic health problems can affect a family, Delonzo became very supportive of health organizations to help fight diseases.

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