The Babys “I See You There”

One of the world’s most beloved classic-rock bands, The Babys are back together after a 30-something year layover with their new CD I’ll Have Some Of That! – out June 24, 2014 (SkyRocket Ent./All In Time Records)! The British group made a massive impact back in the late 1970s and early 1980s with hits such as “Isn’t It Time,” “Head First,” “Midnight Rendezvous,” “Every Time I Think of You” and “Back On My Feet Again.” Original drummer Tony Brock and original guitarist Wally Stocker have reformed the band with an incredible new singer, John Bisaha, whose vocals and bass playing fits The Babys to a tee, along with guitarist Joey Sykes, a renowned singer/songwriter. In concert, The Babys feature keyboardist Francesco Saglietti and The Babettes.

This new incarnation of The Babys created an instant buzz with their first new song in 30 years, the aptly titled “Not Ready to Say Goodbye,” which was released in November 2013. It has all the classic Babys elements – amazing vocals, thoughtful lyrics and a chorus that lodges itself in your brain, refusing to leave for days. Now, they are about to blow fans away with the release of their brand new album. I’ll Have Some Of That boasting 12 dynamic, new songs that resonate with the classic Babys sound, including the single “I See You There.”

Previous band members John Waite, Jonathan Cain and Ricky Phillips have all given their blessings to The Babys 2014. Waite continues on as a solo artist, Cain joined Journey after leaving The Babys and penned a string of hit singles including “Don’t Stop Believing,” the most downloaded song in history, and Phillips is the longtime bass player for Styx.

Below is a capsule look at each member of The Babys:

Tony Brock, drummer – Strongly considered one of the best drummers in the world, Brock plays with a rare combination of feel and timing, combined with a preference to hit the drums just about as hard as possible. Post-Babys, Brock was a long-time member of Rod Stewart’s band in addition to playing with Jeff Beck, Bernie Taupin and others. Eventually, Brock founded Silver Dreams Studios ( near Los Angeles, where he produced platinum records for Jimmy Barnes and a string of others.

Wally Stocker, lead guitarist – A key force throughout The Babys’ original rise to stardom, Stocker first left home in London at 15 with just a couple of pounds in his pocket and a guitar strapped to his back in pursuit of his rock and roll dreams, and he has never turned back. A favorite among Babys fans for his spellbinding guitar riffs that always played the spaces as well as the notes, Stocker went on to join Rod Stewart’s band, Air Supply, and Humble Pie.

John Bisaha, vocals/bass – Blessed with a terrific voice that sounds about as close to one-of-a-kind Waite as you can get, Bisaha proved an instant hit at The Babys’ first comeback performance in July 2013. The first song was “Looking For Love,” and it took about 30 seconds for Bisaha to have the capacity crowd in the palm of his hand. Through the years Bisaha has made his mark in several bands, theater and studio work.

Joey Sykes, guitars – Born and raised in New York, currently living in L.A. Sykes also spends time writing in Nashville. He got his first real taste of the industry with the band Boystown and Coward (Elektra Records) who shortly after signing their record deal, signed a publishing deal with Warner-Chappell Music. In addition to The Babys, Sykes has been writing for other artists, television and motion pictures as well as producing other artists.