Eqo “I Only I”

Eqo is a high-energy, new age, progressive/alternative act from Atlanta, taking over the world one song at a time.


Laced with passion, raw emotion, and outright attitude, their music is smart. Each song takes the listener on a roller coaster ride, from the deepest depths of the soul to the brightest stars of the mind. 
Their mission is to transport listeners into higher consciousness with the use of mesmerizing melody, strong song structure, intelligent lyrics, and their message which emphasizes love over fear.

Eqo’s tagline is ‘Something surreal; something to believe in.’ Singers, Daisy Bellis and Kity Faya, say, ‘We want to inspire people to dream again. We want them to believe in themselves.’ With the way they are able to captivate such a broad demographic, it seems they are headed in that direction.

Eqo will be releasing their second music video I ONLY I at the end of January and is currently gearing up for the release of their highly-anticipated debut album, ‘Ananta’ set for March, 2015.