Steven Blane “Gonna Light The Lights Tonight”

Swing into the holiday season, no matter how you celebrate. Sing along with Steven Blane as he is “Gonna Light The Lights Tonight”

Years ago, Steven Blane had a dream- to become a Songwriter.

He played cover tunes in clubs and restaurants and even made it to Broadway show as a singer/musician in “Strider- The Story of a Horse.” He also wrote an Off-Off Broadway musical that had potential, but not enough money to back it up. And the pop songs he was writing were good- but not good enough. Then one day he got tired of trying and decided he needed to make more money.

So he started working various jobs, then he became an audiobook producer, an entrepreneur and eventually a Cantor and a Rabbi.

Today, he’s back- playing his new original tunes at all the major open-mic venues in NYC. For inspiration, he channels Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Lyle Lovett, Roy Orbison, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett.

He plays ukulele, piano and guitar.