R. Collins “Beautiful”

R. Collins is an all inspiring and talented gift that sets the standard high for contemporary gospel rap. As a youth he aspired to change people lives through the music industry by speaking real life truths of his personal struggles and life changing experiences. R. Collins was born in 1981 in Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to Stockton, California in 1983, where he was raised. Of these two cities much was learned through the eyes of a child.

His grandmother was the planter who sowed the seed of salvation in Collins at a young age. As he began his journey through life he became driven and on fire for God. He pursued God with all his might, which led him to writing and producing Gospel Rap for others to hear the gift that God gave him. Like many of us R. Collins later came to a crossroads in his life where he explored those things of the world and later fell from God’s Grace. He was sentenced and served 10 of his 33 years of life behind the walls of a maximum Federal Penitentiary. Not knowing if he was going to make it, being filled with anger; R. Collins battled and rose through the challenges of hate and animosity. While incarcerated, he began to work towards forgiving himself and allowing God to start using him again. He wrote one of his first singles, “Beautiful” while incarcerated. In 2011 he was released. He repented and came back to God stronger than ever with the intent of mastering those strong feelings into words of truth, love, and encouragement through his music.


Presently, with renewing his life with God, God blessed him with his beautiful wife and three children and continues to open new doors for his career and businesses. R. Collins continues to produce and record local and nationwide artists, while promoting and bringing Gospel rap and contemporary Gospel artists to local areas such as Stockton. He also continues to work closely with local pastors and churches in pursuit of building a stronger community bond through music. His endeavors are rooted and grounded in loving and serving God with all his heart (Ephesians 3:17).