Max Lisa

Max Lisa is a singer, songwriter and guitarist whose music mixes elements from rock, pop and country. His first EP (Fly Away) was released in August 2013, followed by the singles I Will Be There For You and Time Machine in April of this year. Max Lisa’s song Demons from Hell, from the Fly Away EP, came in at #9 on the USA National Airplay Top 50 Rock Chart (source: Digital Radio Tracker).

The song and video for Max’s new pop/rock single Walking Dead were released on August 1, also marking California singer Keeley’s debut as part of the “Max Lisa Band”. Walking Dead jumped to #45 on National Airplay Top 50 Adult Contemporary Chart and #29 on National Airplay Top 50 Independent Chart dated 8/9/2014 (Digital Radio Tracker).The recordings were mixed and produced with world-class musicians and sound engineers from Milan, London, Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Sound engineer Sefi Carmel of London (UK) – who has worked with Ridley Scott, Phil Collins, Michael Bublé, David Bowie, Bruno Mars and BB King – teamed up with Max Lisa to produce Walking Dead and other new upcoming songs. The mastering engineer was Tom Coyne of Sterling Sound (Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Pink, Adele, Britney Spears, Maroon 5 and One Direction).

Check out the official music video for “Walking Dead”


“The powering dynamics of the drums starts this song as the male vocalist comes in with a distinctively creative style of singing. It ‘s a modern rock sound. The singer have a raw sound that is appealing and does capture the attention of the listener. Then, immediately following that, a female singer enters with energy of her own. Both artists sing with thought provoking lyrics that carry a message of forming a unity against the destructive nature of this world. The message is about our mortal lives here and we all become the same in the end. The heartfelt meaning is emphasized by verses where they sing, “They want you. They’ll make you just like them.” Etc. Then, the music becomes strongly enforced by an amazing guitar solo which is both dynamically powerful and progressive. I’d have to say that this would be an awesome idea for a science fiction movie, and I think could stand alone too. This has hit potential.”

“This song makes me want to listen to more songs similar to this one. I hope to see them perform or sing live in the future! I feel so pumped and excited right now! I would definitely recommend this song to everyone, it is such an entertaining musical piece. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! I can’t stop replaying it over and over again! It puts me in such a happy and enthusiastic mood! GOOD!”

“I love this song. Its one I play over and over. I would play this at a disco, in a car, so everyone can hear the song. I think the artist has a lot of talent in the this song. I love the lyrics.”

“Very nice song and very catchy song, just never give up on your dreams and it teaches you a few. I am pretty sure it’s one of my greatest songs.”

“A dark and gritty male vocal complimented by a light and energetic female voice. The driving, rhythmic backing keeps you listening and it ‘s well worth it as then the song ends on a high with an epic guitar solo!”

“This is awesome for a duet. i can see this song playing in my head. this will do really
well on the radio and it will be a big hit.”

“For those who like their music fast, I’m sure they will like this! I sure do and i could see this song being a hit on the radio. I can imagine it getting plenty of airplay and fans spreading the word about how great it is!”

“The intro is very modern and upbeat. I caught myself dancing to it right away. Everything from the vocals to the rhythm to the beat was in perfect harmony. I could definitely see this song as a best seller. I know I would buy it. Great song!”

“This track is very strong both musically and vocally. It ‘s catchy from the start and will appeal to a wide audience, to both slow rock and hard rock lovers, including teens and grown ups(this band reminds me of Evanescence).”

“I find this very catchy, and the vocals really work with the instrumentation. I love the harmonies in the vocals, as well as the strong drums. I could see this being played on the radio and would recommend to my friends.”